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French Doors

Our French Doors are available in a variety of designs that will meet the technical requirements of the specifier. This is a high performance product that is both practical, durable and achieves excellent thermal values.

The Advance 70 Door System, which fully integrates with the window system is a 70mm wide, five chamber profile that incorporates a number of key benefits including integral multi-function gaskets that act as both a weather seal and a glazing seal. The gaskets are inserted during the extrusion process to both simplify and reduce fabrication time.

In order to achieve optimum performance, the bead retention area has been designed to include a single leg hook type, co-extruded range of glazing beads that accommodate both 24mm and 28mm double glazed units.

The system has been carefully designed to incorporate easy location of reinforcement, hinges, handles and door locks. The integral Euro Groove accommodates standard door hardware.

All aspects of performance and quality have been considered in the development of the Advance 70 Door System. the centre cavity of the profile has been configured to include a profile related steel reinforcement and the door mullion/transom can accept a screw ported aluminium to assist mechanical joint construction.

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